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.My Trainz Project.
.Pakenham to Traralgon.

Currently I am working on a representation of the Pakenham to Traralgon Line.

Not having the room to do a full model railroad layout in my lounge room, I decided to go with the next best thing,
start building a virtual model railroad on my computer.
Having tried a few different options, I decided to go with Trainz.

On this page I will show you how easy it is to start your own virtual model railway on your PC, or laptop for that matter.
This should give you some indication of all the possibilities.
Create Landscape
First thing would be to create some landscape.
Create Track
Create your track and adjust it to suite your landscaping
Create Scenery
Now create some scenery using the many objects available
Run your Trains
Now is the time to choose your Loco and start using Trainz
Some great Trainz Video Tutorials

Click on any of the pictures below to view some great Trainz video tutorials.
The Birth of a Route
Creating a Sminple Route
Build 'n Run Basics Tutorial
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